Our Flagship Product


What if there was a single tool that combined all the features of Roll20, HeroLab, D&DBeyond, WorldAnvil, Wikia, and more?
What if this tool was available for use with your favorite open game systems like Pathfinder, Starfinder, D&D 3.5, Blades in the Dark, Cypher System, and more?
What if that tool understood every rule, mechanic, and calculation of your chosen game system?
What if it could resolve stacking, bonuses, penalties, combat effects, or even complex mechanics like Grapple, Social Combat, etc, on its own?
What if it could support your custom house rules?
What if it also had an optional AI assistant for GMs?
What if it had a player run marketplace for creating and sharing custom Open Game content?

ConfirmedCritical aims to bring all of that and more.
A single tool to assist GMs and player alike, either at the table, using laptops, tablets, or even fancy table embedded screens. And of course we've got remote players covered.

With plans to support D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Pathfinder 2, Starfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse, Blades in the Dark, Cypher System (and more) at launch, ConfirmedCritical will serve all of your virtual tabletop needs for your game system of choice.

ConfirmedCritical will be the first ever, premium, game system aware, completely Ad-free Virtual Tabletop, Campaign Manager, Character Manager, and GM assistant; all in a single tool.
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Other Projects


Our effort to create a single point of reference to find every Open Game SRD for any game system. Visit LibreSRD to learn more.

How It Began

Nerd Farm is a US based company founded and run by tabletop gamers, for tabletop gamers. What started as a small personal project to allow a single GM to run his D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder games with remote players, well before the age of virtual tabletops, Zoom/Google Meet sessions, and Discord. Multiple groups of players kept insisting "this needs to be a product". And the idea for ConfirmedCritical was born.

The original version was very bespoke to one game, built for a single GM's needs. This obviously wouldn't work. It was decided to start from scratch, and rebuild it into something that could be used by any GM to run whatever kind of game they want.

Our Values

We believe there is no one way to run a game, there is no one single ideal game system, and no one-size-fits-all playstyle. So long as everyone at the table is having a good time, then we say that's a good game.
We also believe that games should be open to all. So a decision was made in the beginning that we would not support any version of D&D after 3.5/Pathfinder. We would however, be open to supporting other; smaller game systems, so long as they remained open. This is a position we've held years prior to the WotC OGL 1.1 controversey of January 2023.

The Core Team

Will Rivera (he/him)
  Chief Architect
The founder, lead developers, and chief architect of Nerd-Farm LLC and ConfirmedCritical. Openly and unashamedly autistic with ADHD, and proudly mixed-race Hispanic. Will has been playing tabletop games for over 27 years, starting with AD&D 2nd Edition. Eventually becoming the "Forever GM", he prides himself on being able to run any game, and able to quickly understand even the crunchist of systems. At this point, the list of systems he hasn't played or ran is shorter than the ones he has.

Both a self admitted min/maxer and rules lawyer. Will is able to abstract rules into their complex parts very quickly. Even still, he feels that roleplay is just as important as rolling dice.

He has 17+ years of experience in the tech industry for companies large and small, including the telecom, software, and FinTech sectors. Will's passions in life are TTRPGs, home automation, woodworking, and caring for his cats.

Nikki Robinson (she/her)
  QA Engineer
Nikki has been playing tabletop games for 15+ years, starting with 3rd Edition D&D and includes other systems like Pathfinder, Starfinder, Monster of the Week, Invisible Sun, and more.

Nikki has over 7 years of experience as a QA engineer for a handful of companies, large and small; Including one of the largest tech companies in the world.

She's an exceptionally analytical person who's able to find even the smallest flaw in a complex system. She ensures the ConfirmedCritical actually does what it's supposed to do.

Her passions in life are reading, gaming of all kinds, and her cats.
Dan Huynh (he/him)
  Data Engineer
An extraordinarily intelligent engineer with a background in data structures and systems. His role is to ensure the speed and integrity of our databases and data flow. He has 13+ years of experience across multiple organizations and industries, from organizing big data for major retail giants to FinTech companies.

Dan has been playing tabletop games for over 15 years. Including Warhammer, D&D 3.5, Shadowrun, Invisible Sun, Cypher, and more.

His passions include painting, gaming, anime, and manga.
Anya Grady (she/her)
  Data Editor
Anya has a storied history of blending her disparate careers, ignoring the status quo, and measuring the strength of leadership by their answer to the question “how fired would I be if”. After ten years of teaching the fundamentals of a dead language (and occasionally the basics of stage combat), she is adapting those skills to the rubber duck world of coding, data editing, and technical writing. She enjoys the process of breaking complicated concepts into their component parts, examining the fiddly elements of an esoteric spell, and rendering knowledge accessible to all who would enjoy the use of it.

Steeped in all flavors of nerddom for the last 20+ years, Anya has run multi-year campaigns where she balanced the triumphs of minmaxers with the fun of those who made their characters based more on vibes. She’s also played in an improvisational one-shot where the GM lit her character sheet on fire because her pun was better than his.

She’s a ravenous learner, predisposed to go straight down the rabbit hole. Her passions in life are too many to tick off on fingers and toes but include bugs, etymology, whatever her current creative project, and hitting things with sticks.
Open Positions

At this time, we don't have any open positions. But if you feel your skills may be applicable, please feel free to send your resume and tell us a bit about yourself.

Note: We do not work with head-hunting firms, and have no plan on doing so any time in the near future. All inquiries from recruiters will be ignored.

Adding Your System

If you're interested in having your game system added to ConfirmedCritical when it launches. Please fill out this form and we'll get back to you.

General Inquiries

For all general inquiries, please either email us or reach out on Facebook.

Legal Inquiries
For all legal inquiries, please contact us at legal@nerd-farm.com.